Volunteer today at LJMOW

Spare a few hours each week to brighten someone’s day!

More than 60% of our volunteers have worked with La Jolla Meals On Wheels over 10 years and several have received their 25-year pins!

Over 150 volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, delivering meal packages to clients, visiting with homebound residents, working in the office and performing other functions such as fundraising, marketing and administrative support. These caring and dedicated volunteers represent all walks of life and range in age from young adults to seniors.

Volunteer to be a Friendly Visitor
Volunteers are matched with interested homebound residents for a weekly in-person or phone visit and are provided training with resources and support. Clients come to know that someone cares about the quality of their life. Visits are provided seven days a week and are scheduled at the client’s and volunteer’s convenience. Download the La Jolla Friendly Visitor's application today.

For more information contact the Program Director: Jeanne Walsh at (858) 922-2297 or email ljfriendlyvisitors@gmail.com
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Volunteer to Help with Meals On Wheels
La Jolla Meals On Wheels also welcomes student volunteers! Whether it is to fulfill community service hours at school or just to accompany mom or dad, many clients are even more delighted when their meal is accompanied by a hello from a younger face.

Program Director: Jane Semelsberger at (858) 452-0391 or email gljmow@att.net
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